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 I think I've written enough of these now to make a master list.

A Reliable Man
 - a series of connected stories about DI Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes.  Finally completed with Part Nine: Resolution

Part One: First Encounter
Mycroft wants to know if the people around Sherlock are reliable. Lestrade just wants to get the paperwork finished.

Part Two: The first time he saw the car
Lestrade is overworked and Sherlock just makes it worse. Mycroft isn't helping.

Interlude in a Blue Suit
Silenced guns and silenced policemen. Lestrade walks into trouble.

Part Three: Irresistible Force and Immovable Object
Mycroft wants an agent. Lestrade has his own priorities. The irresistable force meets the immovable object... but is the object unbreakable as well?

Part Four: Well of Courage
Lestrade trusts his instincts.

Part Five: Power Corrupts
Mycroft Holmes under familiar stresses didn't make mistakes. Mycroft Holmes under an unfamiliar stress made a mistake. It wasn't a fatal mistake. It was worse than that.

Part Six: Substitute
Even when it's someone else's case, if Sherlock is involved Lestrade will be too

Part Seven: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
Two murders and a business card. Lestrade must walk away or deal with a man he never wants to see again..

Part Eight: Framed.
 Lestrade has been arrested and the evidence against him appears overwhelming. Nobody likes a bent copper....

 Part Nine (and the end) : Resolution:
Lestrade is back at work, and a routine bit of legwork turns dangerous. For once it is only marginally Mycroft Holmes's fault. What happens later, well that's different. Very different. Very different indeed.

 - stories about an established relationship between Mycroft Holmes and DI Lestrade.  These are not intended as sequels to A Reliable Man but some people read them that way.  

When they kidnapped Lestrade to use him as a lever against Mycroft Holmes they should have expected Mycroft's reaction. They most certainly did not expect Lestrade's.

Horror Movie
Mycroft is scared of horror movies. No really! Honest! It isn't just an excuse for... Well maybe it is.

Bad Day
Lestrade has a bad day. But it gets better

Duvet Day
Lestrade decides Mycroft needs a day off

The Power of Imagination
Mycroft gets his man.  With the help of the dessert menu

Lestrade takes care of Mycroft whether he wants him to or not.  (Written as a sequel to A Reliable Man but stands on its own.) 

 - Things that aren't either of the above.

Backup's Coming
Sally Donovan is a copper. She's part of Lestrade's team, and no one messes with his people.

PornWithSillyLines.  A crackfic about the real reason Sherlock Holmes solves cases for Scotland Yard

It's not about the rain
Mycroft's closest companion shows great bravery.

Protection Detail
Mycroft's closest companion saves Lestrade! (And Mycroft, but that's the damn job!)

An Education
After a long day Lestrade really doesn't want to give Sherlock that kind of an education
(Written for the Holmestice fic exchange for KAri77 who wanted Lestrade and Asexual!Sherlock)      

Silver Fox: In the Beginning
Lestrade is a silver fox. He's a handsome animal but he's still an animal three days a month, and most people hate weres.  
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